Home | Styling your Bar Cart

After buying our first home, the best piece of advice I received on decorating was to focus on one space at a time. So, one of the first places I started was my bar cart. A bar cart is a great easy way to add some pizzazz to your dining or living room - and can be relatively affordable.  So, here are some ideas on how to get your bar cart up to snuff:

1. Add a unique decor item (vase, art, statue, antler)

2. Use books to create visual interest


3. Add a natural feature (coral, amethyst, plant)

4. Find interesting glassware (vintage tumblers, modern glasses)

5. Add a lamp

Music Mondays | Lianne La Havas

I know, I know.... It's been too long.  The day job picked up, and I have fallen drastically behind on my blogging.  So, I thought I'd pick it back up slowly with a quick Music Monday, featuring Lianne La Havas!

If you haven't heard of Ms. La Havas, you are in for. a. treat.  Her music has elements of soul, funk, R&B, and even the occasional electric vibe.  My husband and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago - and, in that spirit, I've been listening to her song "What you don't do" on loop.  The song is a unique take on love, describing a relationship where there's a calming sense of trust and no need to play games. It's quite refreshing!  Take a listen below...

Happy Monday!  Hope this dose of new music helps you start your week off right!

Music Mondays | Andra Day

I heard about Andra Day because she is opening for Leon Bridges here in Denver - a show that sold out before I could get tickets :(. Her debut album Cheers to the Fall came out last August, and it has some stunning vocals on it! And it turns our Raphael Saadiq was involved in the making of her album, which only makes me love her more.

Here's her Tiny Desk Concert from NPR to give you your dose of soul for the week...

Travel Guide | Santa Fe, NM

A couple of years ago, my husband and I went to Santa Fe for the first time as adults. And we had a GREAT time! Santa Fe is only a six hour drive from Denver, so it's pretty convenient for a long weekend. We've gotten back pretty regularly, so I figured it was time to document some restaurants and attractions that have quickly become our favorites. If you find yourself down that way, here are a few recommendations:

The Pantry for Breakfast

This diner has been around for over sixty years, and the breakfast is a must!  I enjoyed the breakfast burrito 'christmas' (this means red & green chile) with pantry fries.  Pantry fries are the best homefries you will ever have in your LIFE.

Excuse me while I drool over here...

Excuse me while I drool over here...

Farmers' Market at the Railyard

The Railyard is a pretty cool location with both indoor and outdoor vendors.  Not only can you find a vast assortment of fruits and vegetables - especially chiles - you can also find local artisans and indie crafters selling their wares. A great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Glass Blowing Class in the Baca Street Arts District

elodie holmes.jpg

If your already at the Railyard, you are right next door to the Baca Street Arts District - an area a bit more off the beaten path.  We wondered through these shops and cafes and found out you can take a glassblowing class with a local artist - Elodie Holmes.   You get to make a paperweight, and it costs about $60!

Dinner at La Choza

La Choza is the sister restaurant to another Santa Fe institution - The Shed (also worth visiting).  Here, you can find classic New Mexican food and some delicious margaritas! And you can make reservations, so that's convenient.

Drinks at Secreto Lounge

The Secreto Lounge is the bar inside the St. Francis Hotel on the historic Plaza. This lounge has won awards for its delicious cocktails. The Spicy Secreto is their signature drink, but I also loved the Brûléed Cherry Old Fashioned.  Additionally, the ambiance is pretty wonderful and has the feel of classic Santa Fe.

Take a stroll up Canyon Road

Canyon Road is the most well known arts district in Santa Fe.  It's full of galleries and shops that carry some of the country's leading artists. You can find some amazing sculptures, paintings, rugs, antiques - you may even see an artist painting outside one of the galleries. There's also a free bus called the Santa Fe Pickup to take you all around downtown from Canyon Road to the Plaza to the Railyard.

Shopping on the Plaza

The Plaza is probably the area you hear about the most when you read about traveling to Santa Fe.  This is certainly for good reason!  The Plaza has so many amazing shops and museums, but here are a few of my favorites:

The Georgia O'Keefe Museum

Talk about some of the greatest desert art of all time! O'Keefe's art is timeless and beautiful - I also want to make it out to her residence at Ghost Ranch someday!

One of my favorite O'Keefe paintings.

One of my favorite O'Keefe paintings.

Shiprock Santa Fe

Shiprock is one of the most well-curated shops I've ever seen.  This store is full of authentic Native American art, textiles, jewelry and pottery. All the pieces are gorgeous and the vintage jewelry is to die for.  Even if you can't afford a single piece, it's worth the visit!

Buying Jewelry on the Plaza

Every morning, Native American artists line up to get a spot on the Plaza to sell their wares.  This is a place where I like to buy jewelry (especially turquoise) directly from the artist.  I really like knowing that pieces are authentic (there is a lot of 'Indian' jewelry that is not, so be on the lookout), and I'm glad it gives me the opportunity to support those communities.

Explore the Nearby Natural Beauty

So much of the topography in and around Santa Fe makes you feel like you are in another world.  There are so many National Parks, Forests and Monuments to speak of!  Here are a few that are worth checking out:

Tent Rocks National Monument

Heads up: as with most National Monuments, you'll have to leave the pups at home for this one.  I know, I know... I hate it too. But look at this place? It's definitely worth the hour drive to see.

White Sands National Monument

This place looks absolutely stunning - again, no pups allowed.  I've read blogs previously that recommend trying to stay until just before the park closes, so that you can witness one amazing sunset. This one is a little bit further - about 4 hours from Santa Fe.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge & Earthships near Taos

This bridge overlooks an insane gorge created by the Rio Grande River, just outside Taos.  So, it's a great place to stop on your way home to Denver (if you live there, like me :) ).  Or it's about an hour and a half from Santa Fe, and you can also spend the day in lovely Taos. Also nearby the bridge, you can check out the earthship community.  Earthships are houses built into the ground that are fully off-the-grid and completely self-sustainable.  They are also made completely out of recycled materials.

That's about all for now! I hope you enjoy any future visits to the Southwest!



Music Mondays | Supermensch

Happy Monday!  For this week's edition of Music Monday, I wanted to share one of my go-to Netflix recommendations - Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.

Supermensch is a wonderful documentary that chronicles the life and legend of Shep Gordon, a celebrated manager of all types of artists.  Gordon is probably best known for managing musicians such as Alice Cooper and Teddy Pendergrass, but he alsomanaged many actors (Mike Myers produced the documentary) and was the inventor of the celebrity chef.

Gordon shares a wide range of stories throughout the documentary, including how he got into artist management by happenstance. Generally speaking, artist managers have the stereotype of being rude, crass and selfish for themselves and their artist - but Shep Gordon shatters all of those stereotypes.  He's been extremely successful in the entertainment industry, while still maintaining strong relationships and respect.

If you give it a watch, let me know what you think!

Music Mondays | Carl Anderson

Ok, trying to get back into the swing of things!  The holidays combined with a pretty demanding day job has kept me away for a while.  Time for some new music!

I've recently discovered Carl Anderson, via Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist (so great). Carl Anderson has a bluegrass style - my favorite - combined with an old school country sound... think Dwight Yoakam. 

Here's the first single off the album that came out April 2015:

That day I went Platinum Blonde....

Over a year ago, I saw the below photo of Emma Stone with platinum blonde hair, and it planted a little seed of thought in my head.

Hey...Emma Stone has fair skin and freckles like me.  Maybe I could pull of platinum blonde hair too! It looks fabulous on her!

Over the recent Holiday season, I had a good two weeks off from work, and I started to think seriously about making the switch. Let the Pinterest research commence!  Here are some of my favorite photos for inspiration:

So, needless to say, I had a hair appointment scheduled for early January and I went for it!  It took about 5 hours - so, if you plan on making a similar change, plan for it.  If your in Denver, I highly recommend going to see Whitney at Double Dutch Hair Salon!  I also had to mentally prepare for the time and expense of increased upkeep, but I LOVE IT.

A few before and after shots to help you out if you're considering for yourself...

It took about a week for my husband/friends/coworkers to get used to the change - and maybe even a little longer for me to recognize myself!

Here are some tips about going PLATINUM that I gathered from multiple blogs and a few conversations with my hair stylist:

1. Don't wash your hair for the few days before you bleach - the natural oils will help protect your scalp during the bleaching process

2. Invest in a purple shampoo and conditioner - I am using Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel

3. Bring a book with you (and maybe a snack) - like I said. FIVE hours.

4. Buy a hair mask to apply once a week, to keep your hair from getting too dry

5. Buy a hair oil product and heat protection spray to keep your hair soft on a daily basis - I'm loving Kevin Murphy Damage Manager because it's super lightweight

6. Test out new makeup shades to go with your new hair - I previously wore mostly warm colors (like golds and corals), but now I can pull off some cool colors (like purple and maroon shades)

If you decide to take the plunge, I hope you enjoy the change like I did!

xo!   - Blondie

Boots | Fashion + Utility

We just got a big storm here in Denver, so Winter is certainly in full swing. That is, if you live in a place with actual seasons - not so much Winter where I grew up in Houston, TX. I'm used to wearing booties and the occasional flat - but what about when there's a big snow storm and I still want to look fashionable without carrying an extra pair of shoes around with me?

I thought I'd round up some boots that look good but are also practical for inclement weather.  When it snows here in Denver, I'd rather not fall on my arse in the office parking lot...

All of these boots are pretty cute, but also have some good tread to keep you stable on the snow and ice.  To start, Sorels are always a good idea.  Funny story - my husband's cousin and I both bought this first boot unbeknownst to each other.  So, that must mean it's cute!

Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge, $240

(I've gotten tons of compliments on these puppies :) )

sorel 1964 premium wedge.jpg

Ugg Kyra Boot, $185

ugg kyra.jpg

Furbaby Fashion

It's clear by my Instagram feed that I love my pups...

Given my love for my dogs, I really enjoy finding unique accessories for them.  Don't they look so adorable in their collars from See Scout Sleep?! I mean, really.

So, here are a few of my favorite accouterments for your furry friends, including the above collars. Click on the images for links!

Pendleton Dog Coat

Pendleton Dog Coat

See Scout Sleep collar in 'Out of my Box' pattern

See Scout Sleep collar in 'Out of my Box' pattern

Rope Leash from Found My Animal

Rope Leash from Found My Animal

Cable Knit Sweater by Lurex

Cable Knit Sweater by Lurex

Rubberwood Artisan Food Bowls

Rubberwood Artisan Food Bowls

Gulpy water bottle comes in handy on road trips!

Gulpy water bottle comes in handy on road trips!

And then, I know this isn't an accessory but there are these toys from Fluff & Tuff that are pretty indestructible.  No...seriously.  My big dog normally tears through those other 'indestructible' toys in 20 minutes, but these really do last!

Music Monday | Feels like Autumn

After growing up in Texas without any real semblance of seasons, I still get pretty excited when the weather starts to change. All of a sudden, it's starting to feel like Autumn in Denver!  Not to mention the aspen leaves have been changing up in the mountains for the past few weeks...

via @adidavey on instagram

via @adidavey on instagram

This chill in the air has me excited about booties, scarves, and...

Finally sweater weather.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Friday, October 2, 2015

And who doesn't love some good fall tunes to get you ready for the change?!  I really enjoy this classic from Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald...takes me back to my favorite part of the year in NYC.

Hope you are feeling cozy on this Monday morning!!  And for my friends in Texas - maybe this post got you excited for the new season and slightly cooler weather ;).

Music Mondays | Nina Simone

I've always enjoyed Nina Simone's music, but I never truly understood the stories behind it.  A couple of months ago, I watched a Netflix-produced documentary called What Happened, Miss Simone?. This documentary was fascinating and really dove into some timely topics - the civil rights movement, domestic abuse, and mental health. If you are a fan of music - especially Jazz - you need to make a point to watch this one!

Because of this documentary, a song that I've always liked has decidedly become a favorite of mine.  Have a listen to Mississippi Goddamn below, and let me know what you think about the documentary!

Trending NOW | Lunar Phases

I've started to notice a new trend emerging in jewelry, art, and fashion - the lunar phases.  I find this new trend to be spiritual and full of natural charm. Here are  a few fun ways to incorporate this trend into your life...

Maybe try a new tattoo.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Temporary Tattoo here, in case you are a wuss like me :).

Get a wind chime.

Free People , $178

Try a pair of new earrings, that are also ear climbers (double the trend!).

via  Etsy , $17.50

via Etsy, $17.50

Get a new art print for your walls.

via  Etsy , $20

via Etsy, $20

Try out one of these Luna Rings by Pamela Love.

Gold with Opal , $1,360
Sterling Silver with Moonstone , $200(you can also get with lapis or turquoise!)

Sterling Silver with Moonstone, $200(you can also get with lapis or turquoise!)

Buy a new t-shirt for Fall, to pair with jeans and a sweater.

Vitalire , $26

Ok, more jewelry...I just can't help myself!

ModCloth , $24.99

ModCloth, $24.99

Madewell , $55

Bathroom | Paint it Black!

When we moved into our house in Denver, one of the first projects I completed was a DIY update of the upstairs bath.  This consisted of painting the walls and changing out lighting fixtures and the mirror. I made a surprising choice when it came to paint color - I chose black!  You better believe my mother did NOT understand... (love you, mom).

Here's a photo from my Instagram account that shows the before and after.  I think it turned out pretty great! My mom even liked it!

via @adidavey on Instagram

via @adidavey on Instagram

Here are a few more professional photos of black bathrooms for inspiration!

I love how so many of these black bathrooms are paired with crisp whites and classic brass fixtures - such a great combination!  Also, I love how so many include painted claw-foot tubs that are also black/grey.  We have a claw foot tub in our house, and now I'm tempted to paint it!

Quick tip: I learned through my own black paint experience that it's good to get a paint with a bit of a blue or purple undertone.  Click here for a great roundup of specific black paints from Design*Sponge!

Music Mondays | Kacey Musgraves

I've really been digging the most recent Kacey Musgraves album, Pageant Material. She's from small town Texas, so I feel a sort of kinship with her (even though I grew up in the suburbs of Houston). Musgraves' music is the type of country sound that maintains the style of country music's roots - none of that overly-produced pop stuff you hear too often these days.

Here's my favorite tune off the album...so far!

Trending NOW | Kimono Jackets

This summer, kimonos were everywhere!  I think this is a fun trend that can easily be part of your transition wardrobe into fall.  I've included a few celebrity styles that show these kimono jackets being paired with jeans and boots. I love these kimonos because they are super comfortable and are an easy way for any body type to participate in a new trend. Also, they've helped me to introduce more color into my wardrobe, which usually consists of a lot of black, white and grey.

And bonus, a lot of these style are on sale right now!  So, check 'em out...click the photo for the link!

Anthropologie, $89.95

Anthropologie, $89.95

Free People, $48

Free People, $48

Etsy, $198

Etsy, $198

chicnova, $33

chicnova, $33

Nordstrom, $248

Nordstrom, $248

Pink Ice, $39.99

Pink Ice, $39.99

Nasty Gal, $78

Nasty Gal, $78

SheInside, $22

SheInside, $22

ASOS, $57

ASOS, $57