Trending NOW | Lunar Phases

I've started to notice a new trend emerging in jewelry, art, and fashion - the lunar phases.  I find this new trend to be spiritual and full of natural charm. Here are  a few fun ways to incorporate this trend into your life...

Maybe try a new tattoo.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Temporary Tattoo here, in case you are a wuss like me :).

Get a wind chime.

Free People , $178

Try a pair of new earrings, that are also ear climbers (double the trend!).

via  Etsy , $17.50

via Etsy, $17.50

Get a new art print for your walls.

via  Etsy , $20

via Etsy, $20

Try out one of these Luna Rings by Pamela Love.

Gold with Opal , $1,360
Sterling Silver with Moonstone , $200(you can also get with lapis or turquoise!)

Sterling Silver with Moonstone, $200(you can also get with lapis or turquoise!)

Buy a new t-shirt for Fall, to pair with jeans and a sweater.

Vitalire , $26

Ok, more jewelry...I just can't help myself!

ModCloth , $24.99

ModCloth, $24.99

Madewell , $55