That day I went Platinum Blonde....

Over a year ago, I saw the below photo of Emma Stone with platinum blonde hair, and it planted a little seed of thought in my head.

Hey...Emma Stone has fair skin and freckles like me.  Maybe I could pull of platinum blonde hair too! It looks fabulous on her!

Over the recent Holiday season, I had a good two weeks off from work, and I started to think seriously about making the switch. Let the Pinterest research commence!  Here are some of my favorite photos for inspiration:

So, needless to say, I had a hair appointment scheduled for early January and I went for it!  It took about 5 hours - so, if you plan on making a similar change, plan for it.  If your in Denver, I highly recommend going to see Whitney at Double Dutch Hair Salon!  I also had to mentally prepare for the time and expense of increased upkeep, but I LOVE IT.

A few before and after shots to help you out if you're considering for yourself...

It took about a week for my husband/friends/coworkers to get used to the change - and maybe even a little longer for me to recognize myself!

Here are some tips about going PLATINUM that I gathered from multiple blogs and a few conversations with my hair stylist:

1. Don't wash your hair for the few days before you bleach - the natural oils will help protect your scalp during the bleaching process

2. Invest in a purple shampoo and conditioner - I am using Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel

3. Bring a book with you (and maybe a snack) - like I said. FIVE hours.

4. Buy a hair mask to apply once a week, to keep your hair from getting too dry

5. Buy a hair oil product and heat protection spray to keep your hair soft on a daily basis - I'm loving Kevin Murphy Damage Manager because it's super lightweight

6. Test out new makeup shades to go with your new hair - I previously wore mostly warm colors (like golds and corals), but now I can pull off some cool colors (like purple and maroon shades)

If you decide to take the plunge, I hope you enjoy the change like I did!

xo!   - Blondie