Naturally Shed Antlers


I have recently seen articles in the news about how antlers are becoming so popular as home decor that there are now people tormenting deer to have them shed their antlers from undue stress. 

I currently receive my antlers from a store in the mountains of Colorado that I hope is still insulated enough that their antlers aren't collected as a result of these unethical methods.  There is currently little way to confirm this fact, but I wanted to make sure that fans of my antlers realize that I am not ignoring these concerns.  Additionally, I've received antlers from my friend's family ranch in Texas (such as the one above) - I know for a fact these antlers are gathered ethically.

I always want to be confident in the quality of my products and proud of the method with which these items were created and/or acquired.

As always, any antlers in this shop have been naturally shed.  You can tell if an antler has NOT been naturally shed because you will see flat saw marks, as opposed to a rougher rounded end.  I always want to do my best to make sure I'm not perpetuating any unethical treatment of animals, and make sure all ANTLER fans are as informed as possible.

Thanks for reading!