Pendelton Love

I have quite the obsession with Pendleton wool.  I used to only think of Pendleton blankets in the context of a throw on my couch or at the end of a bed.  But over the last several months, I've started to notice Pendleton blankets used as primary bedspreads. And I LOVE it. I'd really like to switch out the duvet in my master bedroom for a Pendleton blanket.  Some inspiration....

I think they are so stunning and geometrical. My current duvet cover is a pretty bold yellow, and I've quite enjoyed it.  As someone who loves greys and muted tones, I thought I may get tired of the bright and big pattern - but I really haven't.  So, as I start to look for something new, I'd love to stay with a bold pattern.  And Pendleton blankets seem like the perfect option!